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Leap To Color

Puzzel - Free

Welcome to Leap to Color, a fantastic coloring game for kids! 🌈 Unleash your creativity and bring delightful pictures to life by following the color sequence numbers.

How to play 🤔:
🖌️ Find the color sequence numbers on each picture
🎨 Color in the areas according to the numbers
🌟 Complete the picture and get rewarded with fun surprises
🔄 Redo your finished artwork to make it even more colorful

Key Features:
🌈 A wide variety of pictures to color, perfect for kids of all ages
🖍️ Intuitive gameplay that helps develop creativity and color recognition
🎁 Exciting rewards for completing each picture
👫 Share your colorful creations with friends and family

Leap to Color is the perfect game for children who love coloring and exploring their creativity. Download now and start your colorful adventure today! 🌟🌈

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About Waker Games

Waker Games is a mobile game development company based in Istanbul, Turkey. We specialize in mobile game development for the WEB3 crypto and casual game industry. In addition to our game development services, we also have our own original character called Astroon, along with a YouTube Kids animation series and our own games. With a focus on engaging with our audience, we offer a unique and exciting experience in the gaming industry.

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